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Take Home Teeth Whitening System Normally $695



Professional, Safe and Easy to Use System
Results within 5-14 days
Includes custom made whitening trays and highest quality whitening gel
Whilst there are numerous cheaper brands and methods of teeth whitening available elsewhere, they aren’t always reliable, safe nor achieve the best possible results. We pride ourselves on offering the safest and most highly effective whitening systems available to keep you smiling longer!
Additionally, we extend personal clinical support every step of the way.

Prior to commencing a treatment of teeth whitening, our dentists would need ensure you are in good dental health and a suitable candidate, so……
If you’re an existing patient attending your regular examination and clean appointment, it’s the perfect time to discuss teeth whitening!
If you have recently been in to see us for your dental exam and clean and you’re interested in whitening,
please call to discuss our assessment requirements.
Overdue for a dental exam and clean? Why not call us today to schedule an appointment!
New patients welcome!

Only a limited number available!
Terms and Conditions apply